About Mazeppa Consulting


Mazeppa Consulting is a Norwegian consulting company established in 1998 owned by the employees. Mazeppa has a partnership agreement (IPN) with Infor, for sale, implementation and support of Infor LN, one of the world’s leading and most flexible ERP systems.

Mazeppa Consulting has a similar agreement with Hatteland Computer on the sale, implementation and support of RamBase, a Norwegian developed modern cloud-based ERP solution targeted towards small and medium manufacturing companies.

Mazeppa also supplies expertise to customers running Infor M3 in the Norwegian market. With these solutions assists Mazeppa Consulting some of the leading companies in the manufacturing industry.

The company develops customized IT solutions that simplify and automate internal work processes. Our mobile solutions are sold to large international businesses, among other things, manages a staff of service technicians who maintain and operate ATMs around the entire Middle East with our mobile apps, integrated into Infor LN.

Mazeppa is located at Lysaker, south of  Oslo, in Gjøvik, Tønsberg and Stavanger in Norway.

About Mazeppa

Community responsibility

Mazeppa has for many years provided a helping hand to selected matters of the heart. It is our way of taking responsibility. An important reason for Mazeppa’s success is the employees’ high level of knowledge and expertise. We believe in education for all, and should poverty, disease and social inequalities be combated, all countries must educate their children. This is why we in the last six years has contributed to the building of a school in Jhelary, a small village in Kashmir.

Corporate Values

Since our inception, Mazeppa’s business has been based on some basic values, these are as crucial today as 16 years ago.

  • Mazeppa will create value for our customers.
  • Mazeppa should be owned by the employees.
  • We must maintain a high ethical standard in everything we do.
  • We shall have an effective operation of the company.
  • We will be an inclusive and healthy work environment.
Mazeppa team photo

Our Team

Mazeppa consists of a creative and innovative international environment that assists customers in the whole process through the implementation, maintenance, support and optimization.

For us, the staff the most important for a good working environment and for us as a company to succeed. We consist of around 20 dedicated and skilled consultants.

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