An industrial hub

Mazeppa Consulting moves to Jæren

The Bryne department of the Consulting Company Mazeppa, moved from Klepp to the 14th floor of Forum Jæren in May 2019, to take advantage of the industrial network in the area.

Forum Jæren is a central and practical building with several companies Mazeppa can potentially collaborate with. It is an advantage for Mazeppa to have several companies together under one roof. – It is easier for us to gather resources from different industries, such as Jærtek in the 13th floor, to build an efficient network for our customer, says Olsen.

Olaf Magnus Olsen, Sales Manager

Mazeppa sales director Magnus Olsen

An attractive regional center

Forum Jæren offers a number of different types of office space for both small and medium-sized businesses. The vision behind Forum Jæren was to create a new district where learning, business and culture should work together to mutually strengthen the different areas.

More than 300 people work at Forum Jæren. The link between industry, learning and culture has helped to make Bryne a regional center that attracts more and more companies and public actors.

The biggest difference with having an office in Forum Jæren is location and a professional environment that fits Mazeppa well, says Olsen..

Olaf Magnus Olsen, Sales Manager

Software for Manufacturing Industry.

Mazeppa has long experience in the Manufacturing Industry, wide expertise in ERP systems and implementation of improved business processes. Mazeppa has customers who run the ERP systems Infor LN, Infor M3 and is a reseller on RamBase from Hatteland ©. All of this vendors offers systems as Cloud based solutions, where the customer subscribes to the Solution services.

This allows Mazeppa to provide alternative solutions and has experience from both large and small companies in logistics, project-oriented piece and variant production, and has a customer portfolio that confirms this.

– We are ready with the next generation of cloud-based business solutions where everything is included in one subscription, and delivers standard solutions that streamline and simplify internal processes. Our customers are getting the help they need in the digital transformation we now face, says Olsen.

Olaf Magnus Olsen, Sales Manager

Mazeppa implements RamBase as the future business platform for production and project businesses. This platform supports an ever-increasing frequency of improvement measures, prevents the development of technical debt and invites the organization to make continuous

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