Mobile Integration Platform

Improve Your Productivity

Simplify Warehouse Process

Mazeppa Mobile Warehouse is an Android-based online/offline solution that allows users to receive, inspect, approve, pick, manage shipments, perform cycle counting, and other necessary operations such as production order and operation complete.

Mobility in the warehouse can dramatically improve your productivity, resource utilization, and inventory management.

Providing “anytime, anywhere” flexibility, workers replace paper-based reporting and inventory systems with real-time order fulfillment on handheld devices.

With the warehouse unified by a single wireless network, worker and manager productivity gains from the assurance of accurate, timely updates received for every order picked from the shelves.

This level of visibility also improves resource utilization through just-in-time inventory levels that allow you to stock products based on demand. Reduced inventory lowers capital expenditures and staffing costs, while allowing you to provide better service to customers with fewer out-of-stocks. Production lines can also be more rapidly replenished to avoid costly manufacturing delays.

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