“With the experience and knowledge I’ve built up through my work with ERP LN for many years, I am excited to start utilizing it for Mazeppa’s customers”, says Mikael.

With an education in Science in Engineering, Electronics from the University of Southern Denmark, Mikael has worked with Technical Service for more than 40 years. In other words, Mikael is no small fish, and his strong foundation of competencies has built up for years.

For decades, he has concentrated on mastering and applying engineering skills, solving technical problems, collaborating across professional groups, and mastering a wide range of IT tools. You can bet we’re proud to welcome him to the Danish office!

Not only is he a heavy-weight professional, but he is also a family man living in Karlslunde Strand in Denmark with his wife and daughter. Outside of work, he’s been an active sailor since the age of 8. Now, we’re excited to have Mikael on board to help us navigate the waters of our industry.

Welcome to the team, Mikael!