Seid AS implements RamBase

Seid AS chooses Mazeppa to implement RamBase, a cloud-based ERP system for the manufacturing industry.

There is a need for an integrated and comprehensive system, where documentation management is an integral part of the ERP system, says Jan Drotningsvik, who is responsible for the project at Seid. We hope to have a more integrated flow through the business, which enables us to grow, based on the current administration and resource use internally. We hope to increase the level of service to our customers through this holistic thinking.

Seid AS

Seid is a high-tech company that supplies industrial air purification plants based on Non-Thermal Plasma technology. Such facilities are delivered to customers all over the world, and high demands are placed on delivery precision and service apparatus.

Mazeppa Consulting delivers business solutions to the Nordic Industry focusing on modern ERP systems like Infor and RamBase.